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A photograph is content creation. A status update is content creation. A comment is content creation. A 10-sec tik tok video is content creation. Every day, every hour we are adding to the global online content database, creating a mammoth of valuations for these platforms.

It is difficult for us to realise this because we still haven’t fully absorbed the applications of digital media. When we create content, we look at it through the lens of the previous decade — an age when people shared information without the ability of it turning into a global sensation. We try to find…

Setting up a new website on Wordpress, and one of the first things on your checklist is content SEO. It’s crazy to think about a site that isn’t SEO optimised. Especially since it’s one of the most cost effective marketing tools for the broke start-up guy, and so hands-on, you don’t need to be a guru to crack it. It’s like you’ve hit a goldmine or something. Like in one of those billboard ads that say “What if I told you could have all your dreams come true without spending a single penny?” …

Indian culture is frail, susceptible to serious damage at the hands of deft comedians and artists. Our decade old problem of comedic intolerance has a lot to offer in terms of classic punishments; jail terms, meaningless censorships and the occasional trips to the hospital.

Ironically, comedy is taken very seriously in our country. Shameful acts of violence against comedians have only increased in the past 5 years, questioning the parity of freedom of speech between artists and Sena bhakts. This, as compared to different forms of public political humour in western countries, is an abash feat. Some examples of such…

In the last decade, there has been a lot of hype about digitization of learning through the multiple of newly developed systems like MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses), app-based learning, online testing platforms, etc. We keep hearing about the ‘future of education’ — one where technology will bring about a radical transformation in schools and universities. That future is here!

The first wave of digitization in education in India started with the introduction of smartclasses in primary schools by companies like Educomp and TataEdge. The idea of smartclasses wasn’t to eliminate the physical presence of students and teachers in one…

For several decades, we have been categorised into types of learners, depending on the way we learn and understand theories best. When President Trump took office in 2016, he insisted that his daily briefings be delivered to him through pictures and graphics because he is a visual and auditory learner. As a result, written documents on military deals to welfare plans were all converted into a series of images to suit the new President’s understandings. On paper, the task seemed farfetched, but the popular theory of “learning styles” would beg to differ.

The idea of “learning style” was first recognised…

So you want to rig an election? Good. Clearly you’re a smart guy. Anyone who believes in free and fair elections is a sucker. Democracy is a farce and rigging is the only way you can ensure that your family stays in power. So here’s our guide on how to rig elections in 5 not-so-classy ways.

#1 Finger the EVMs

What better than to hack the very machine voters use to express their choice? If you’re looking to win by deceit, we’re sure you must have come across the idea of hardware tampering. …

In what was considered one of the deadliest journeys in Central America, over 7000 migrants traveled to the US-Mexico border last year. Tattered with heat and hunger, aboard a shabby kochi, these migrants made a 4,350 km journey to Tijuana (a border city in Mexico) to cross over and seek asylum in U.S.

But much to their disappointment, U.S. President Donald Trump had deployed over 15000 troops at the border to prevent the migrants from entering. His plan was to send them back to their own country and have them apply for asylum legally. Fair enough! But pushing back a…

Social media with its barrage of information and memes has once again altered the idea of normalcy amongst the digital population. While two years ago, people were tweeting about happiness in solemness, today, the notion of best friends and tagging activities has become the new paradigm. Those who identify with the new system find themselves privileged enough to brag about it. For some, it comes very easy; you grow up in the same town, go to school together, choose a similar profession and then live in the same city as housemates.

Personally, I don’t know how they do it; to…

I cried all night to see you smile,

I thought you knew my agony,

You looked at me with a shortened smile,

And walked away in harmony.

My sacrifice was moot to you,

Tears were shed too often,

I lay my heart in front of you,

You led it to its coffin.

You said there would be no goodbyes,

You said we’d light our future lamp,

Then you stole that dream from my eyes,

As you walked up to a tramp.

You are a man of ego and pride,

No woman you saw could be your bride,

With you, there was no future bright,

Coz I was just a mistress in sight.

There’s a part of me that refuses to mature, that finds solace in a cocoon;

Promises broke my shell, my glee was hammered soon.

Expression is tough, but repression brings me pain;

The desire to be understood sets my retreat again.


Knowledge isn’t liberating. It simply shows us how shackled we really are.

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